Mr.Balloonatic's Balloon Gallery

Some of my balloon sculptures to keep you amused while my site is being rebuilt

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Sofa693 viewsThis balloon sofa was made by three of us for the Large Competition Catagory at Millennium Jam 2005 for which Brian Asman the creator was awarded third place, this took 17 hours for the three of us to complete the sculpture.44444
(8 votes)
Catterpillar559 viewsThis chap may well be a small insect but he has a ferocious appetite44444
(8 votes)
Ben & Superman~0.JPG
Superman462 viewsThis superman was a birthday present for Ben's 4th birthday44444
(6 votes)
Car1 Walkaround (front)~0.JPG
Chitty-Chitty Pop-Pop731 viewsA balloon car costume made for a fancy dress party and competition33333
(6 votes)
Leprechaun311 viewsProbably the most popular sculpture from my arsenal comming up to and during the St. Patricks Festival here in Ireland33333
(3 votes)
Fairy347 viewsThis small mythical creature is often found in grassy areas33333
(3 votes)
Evening Primrose~0.JPG
Evening Primrose341 viewsThis is an evening primrose blossom33333
(5 votes)
Sylvester & Tweety.JPG
Sylvester and Tweety430 viewsA little Warner Brothers duo ... I tawt I taw a puddy tat33333
(5 votes)
The Red Queen873 viewsThis costume is based around the red queen character from Alice in Wonderland33333
(5 votes)
Car1 Walkaround (back)~0.JPG
Chitty-Chitty Pop-PopThis is a rear view of the wearable balloon car costume I made for a fancy dress competition.670 viewsThis is a rear view of the wearable balloon car costume I made for a fancy dress competition.33333
(5 votes)
Tweety & Sylvester.JPG
Sylvester and Tweety803 viewsHeres is one of Warner Brothers most famous duos ... and certainly one of their best known ... Sufferin' succotash!33333
(13 votes)
Ballet Dress~0.JPG
Ballet Dress990 viewsA ballet dress made in preperation for the wedding dress competition at Millennium Jam 200633333
(8 votes)
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