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Some of my balloon sculptures to keep you amused while my site is being rebuilt

Top rated - People and caricatures
Ben & Superman~0.JPG
Superman452 viewsThis superman was a birthday present for Ben's 4th birthday44444
(6 votes)
Leprechaun310 viewsProbably the most popular sculpture from my arsenal comming up to and during the St. Patricks Festival here in Ireland33333
(3 votes)
Fairy345 viewsThis small mythical creature is often found in grassy areas33333
(3 votes)
Santa332 viewsHere is a little balloon Santa Claus33333
(4 votes)
Bridal Party~0.JPG
Bridal Party379 viewsA little balloon bride twisted up for a bridal party on their fitting day33333
(4 votes)
First Mate~0.JPG
First Mate345 viewsThis was another pirate I had made at halloween33333
(2 votes)
Bride & Groom2~0.JPG
Groom376 viewsA balloon groom that was created at the wedding reception for a bride and groom at Powerscourt Gardens33333
(2 votes)
Baby with Daddy~0.JPG
Baby322 viewsA little baby made for this guys pregnant sister 33333
(2 votes)
Satyr329 viewsThis little Satyr was coincidently made on Lupercalia, the festival of pan22222
(4 votes)
Rockin_ Rabbi.JPG
Rabbi325 viewsThis is a parody of a rapping Rabbi that I met in New York on my Birthday in 200222222
(4 votes)
Bride390 viewsThis little bride was made as a wedding gift for a bride to be22222
(2 votes)
Bride & Groom~0.JPG
Bride and Groom361 viewsA larger balloon bride and groom that was made as a wedding present for a bride and groom on their happy day at Powerscourt22222
(2 votes)
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