Mr.Balloonatic's Balloon Gallery

Some of my balloon sculptures to keep you amused while my site is being rebuilt

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Odie323 viewsThis is John Arbuckle's pet dog ... for some reason Garfield can't get enough of mistreating this poor animal
Chef322 viewsThis Swedish Cook is probably one of the most well known of the muppet characters
Spider Man.JPG
Spider Man321 viewsHeres a little balloon web slinger.
Baby with Daddy~0.JPG
Baby320 viewsA little baby made for this guys pregnant sister
Lecturer - CloseUp.JPG
Lecturer318 viewsOne of the lecturers of computer science at Trinity College Dublin
Bob The Builder~0.JPG
Bob315 viewsCan I build it ... well I guess I did ;)
Lumiere315 viewsThe famouse talking, singing, dancing candlestick from the disney production of beauty and the beast
Bart & Katie~0.JPG
Bart314 viewsMy latest attempt at this yellow skinned youthful hell raiser
Elmo314 viewsThis little red monster with the big nose is very popular with children and adults alike
Cat In The Hat~0.JPG
Cat in the Hat310 viewsCat in the Hat parody created for the Irish Premier of "Suessical the Musical"
Leprechaun310 viewsProbably the most popular sculpture from my arsenal comming up to and during the St. Patricks Festival here in Ireland
Alex the Lion~0.JPG
Alex309 viewsApparently this balloon Lion reminded this little chap of Alex the lion from the animated movie Madagascar
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