Mr.Balloonatic's Balloon Gallery

Some of my balloon sculptures to keep you amused while my site is being rebuilt

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Hulk370 viewsThis increadible character only comes out when Bruce Banner sees green
Buzz Light Year1.JPG
Buzz Light Dudes367 viewsThis little buzz light dude was made for the intergalactic space ranger with the sun shades
Nemo (2).JPG
Nemo365 viewsI found this little guy in with all my balloons ... this little fish is incredibly popular at all events
Bugs Bunny362 viewsA parody of that lovable carrot eating rabbit
Bride & Groom~0.JPG
Bride and Groom361 viewsA larger balloon bride and groom that was made as a wedding present for a bride and groom on their happy day at Powerscourt
Heart With Arrow.JPG
Heart361 viewsThis heart has been pierced with an arrow
The Fonze1.JPG
The Fonze358 viewsArthur Hubert Fonzarelli ... aka. The Fonze ... this was made for the launch of a new night club in Dublin with a Back to the Future Theme.
Goofy354 viewsHere is a balloon parody of one of Mickey Mouses best friends
First Mate~0.JPG
First Mate345 viewsThis was another pirate I had made at halloween
Fairy344 viewsThis small mythical creature is often found in grassy areas
Bugs Bunny344 viewsA first attempt at making Bugs Bunny
Flower + Dragonfly (close up)~0.JPG
Fantasy Flower341 viewsA close up of the potted fantasy flower with a dragonfly in the background
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