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Some of my balloon sculptures to keep you amused while my site is being rebuilt

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Logger Truck.JPG
Logging Truck393 viewsAnother balloon twister friend of mine in the states was trying to design a logging truck with out much success so I came up with this to help them out.
Bride390 viewsThis little bride was made as a wedding gift for a bride to be
Snow White.JPG
Snow White386 viewsOne of the most famous and well known of the Disney princesses
Nickoloon Heart.JPG
Heart383 viewsThis was a prototype I made using the Nicoloon heart sturcture for decorating the Powerscourt Centre for Saint Valentines Day
Bonsai Tree381 viewsA none sheading bonsai tree, just keep out of direct sun light
Truck378 viewsA little balloon truck ... this cab can be attatched to any sort of trailer
Bridal Party~0.JPG
Bridal Party377 viewsA little balloon bride twisted up for a bridal party on their fitting day
Tank377 viewsA balloon tank ... made as ordered ... SIR
Python376 viewsEverybodies favourite snake ... Monty Python
Splinter376 viewsHe is the sensei of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Bride & Groom2~0.JPG
Groom374 viewsA balloon groom that was created at the wedding reception for a bride and groom at Powerscourt Gardens
The Crow1.JPG
The Crow371 viewsBrandon Lee's greatest and unfortunately last acting role, he was unfortunately killed on the set during the making of the movie.
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