Mr.Balloonatic's Balloon Gallery

Some of my balloon sculptures to keep you amused while my site is being rebuilt

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Flamingo478 viewsThis pink flamingo which is standing on one leg has had it's yo-yo's confiscated
Spider (front).JPG
Spider478 viewsA not so little venomous spider
Nickoloon Heart with Cherub.JPG
Heart with Cherub475 viewsThis was a prototype I made using the Nicoloon heart sturcture and placed a cherub in the center of it for decorating gig the Powerscourt Centre for Saint Valentines day
Trish Stratus.JPG
Trish Stratus474 viewsThe famous WWE / WWF wresteler on a night out in Dublin
Turtle469 viewsA giant sea turtle
Dragon Fly - Side ~0.JPG
Dragonfly468 viewsA little dragonfly sitting on a potted fantasy flower
Ben & Superman~0.JPG
Superman450 viewsThis superman was a birthday present for Ben's 4th birthday
Bunny446 viewsThis little bunny rabbit was a part of a larger balloon sculpture
Monkey (Blue) - Front.JPG
Monkey446 viewsOne banana loving blue monkey as requested
Giraffe444 viewsThis is a slightly more cartoony giraffe
Bull Dog~0.JPG
Bull Dog442 viewsHere is a little balloon Dog
Cake (70th Birthday)~0.JPG
Cake442 viewsThis cake was made as a 70th birthday present for one of my clients
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