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Some of my balloon sculptures to keep you amused while my site is being rebuilt

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Alex the Lion~0.JPG
Alex312 viewsApparently this balloon Lion reminded this little chap of Alex the lion from the animated movie Madagascar
Ballerina (Custom).JPG
Ballerina309 viewsThese two little ballerina's are on their way to a ballet lesson.
Ballet Dress~0.JPG
Ballet Dress978 viewsA ballet dress made in preperation for the wedding dress competition at Millennium Jam 2006
Barney (new)~0.JPG
Barney (new)294 viewsMy latest attempt at creating this much loved dinosaur
Barney308 viewsThis was the first time I was asked to create this lovable purple dinosaur
Big Bird~0.JPG
Big Bird303 viewsA giant yellow canary, made to help raise money during Trinity's RAG week
Cake (70th Birthday)~0.JPG
Cake451 viewsThis cake was made as a 70th birthday present for one of my clients
Flamingo487 viewsThis pink flamingo which is standing on one leg has had it's yo-yo's confiscated
Flower + Dragonfly (close up)~0.JPG
Fantasy Flower350 viewsA close up of the potted fantasy flower with a dragonfly in the background
Flower + Dragonfly~0.JPG
Fantasy Flower297 viewsA potted fantasy flower with a dragonfly sitting on it's leaf
Hulk371 viewsThis increadible character only comes out when Bruce Banner sees green
Shredder306 viewsThe arch nemesis of the teenage mutant Ninja Turtles
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