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Some of my balloon sculptures to keep you amused while my site is being rebuilt

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Animal299 viewsHere is the best drummer from the muppets, if not one of the best drummers of all time
Ballet Dress~0.JPG
Ballet Dress978 viewsA ballet dress made in preperation for the wedding dress competition at Millennium Jam 2006
Cat In The Hat - Face~0.JPG
Cat in The Hat286 viewsA close up of the Cat in the Hat parody made for the Irish Premier of Suessical the Musical
Cat In The Hat~0.JPG
Cat in the Hat316 viewsCat in the Hat parody created for the Irish Premier of "Suessical the Musical"
Dragon Fly - Side ~0.JPG
Dragonfly469 viewsA little dragonfly sitting on a potted fantasy flower
Flower + Dragonfly (close up)~0.JPG
Fantasy Flower350 viewsA close up of the potted fantasy flower with a dragonfly in the background
Flower + Dragonfly~0.JPG
Fantasy Flower297 viewsA potted fantasy flower with a dragonfly sitting on it's leaf
The Grinch332 viewsThis small Grinch was also made for the Irish Premier of Seussical The Musical
Micky Mouse.JPG
Mickey and Minnie Mouse332 viewsThis little Mickey Mouse was created for a Minnie Mouse at a Trinity Zoological Society fancy dress ball
Wille E Coyote.JPG
Wille E. Coyote611 viewsThis genius spends most of his time trying to catch his fast feathered nemesis
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