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Some of my balloon sculptures to keep you amused while my site is being rebuilt

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Benjamin Epstein329 viewsA parody of a friend at his barmitzvah
Cat In The Hat - Face~0.JPG
Cat in The Hat286 viewsA close up of the Cat in the Hat parody made for the Irish Premier of Suessical the Musical
Cat In The Hat~0.JPG
Cat in the Hat316 viewsCat in the Hat parody created for the Irish Premier of "Suessical the Musical"
Catterpillar558 viewsThis chap may well be a small insect but he has a ferocious appetite
Garfield307 viewsThis lasagne loving cat has just starred in his second feature length movie
The Grinch332 viewsThis small Grinch was also made for the Irish Premier of Seussical The Musical
Lecturer - CloseUp.JPG
Lecturer319 viewsOne of the lecturers of computer science at Trinity College Dublin
Sylvester & Tweety.JPG
Sylvester and Tweety429 viewsA little Warner Brothers duo ... I tawt I taw a puddy tat
Trish Stratus.JPG
Trish Stratus475 viewsThe famous WWE / WWF wresteler on a night out in Dublin
Trish Stratus1.JPG
Trish Stratus518 viewsThe famouse WWE / WWF womens champion on a night out in Dublin
Tweety & Sylvester.JPG
Sylvester and Tweety769 viewsHeres is one of Warner Brothers most famous duos ... and certainly one of their best known ... Sufferin' succotash!
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