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Some of my balloon sculptures to keep you amused while my site is being rebuilt

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Bart & Katie~0.JPG
Bart315 viewsMy latest attempt at this yellow skinned youthful hell raiserJul 29, 2006
Barney306 viewsThis was the first time I was asked to create this lovable purple dinosaurJul 29, 2006
Barney (new)~0.JPG
Barney (new)293 viewsMy latest attempt at creating this much loved dinosaurJul 29, 2006
Baby292 viewsA little balloon baby, apparently the spitting image of Tommy from the rugratsJul 29, 2006
Animal295 viewsHere is the best drummer from the muppets, if not one of the best drummers of all timeJul 29, 2006
Alex the Lion~0.JPG
Alex309 viewsApparently this balloon Lion reminded this little chap of Alex the lion from the animated movie MadagascarJul 29, 2006
First Mate~0.JPG
First Mate345 viewsThis was another pirate I had made at halloweenJul 29, 2006
Captain Red Beard~0.JPG
Captain Red Beard435 viewsThis little balloon pirate was made at halloweenJul 29, 2006
Bride390 viewsThis little bride was made as a wedding gift for a bride to beJul 29, 2006
Bride & Groom2~0.JPG
Groom376 viewsA balloon groom that was created at the wedding reception for a bride and groom at Powerscourt GardensJul 29, 2006
Bride & Groom~0.JPG
Bride and Groom361 viewsA larger balloon bride and groom that was made as a wedding present for a bride and groom on their happy day at PowerscourtJul 29, 2006
Bridal Party~0.JPG
Bridal Party379 viewsA little balloon bride twisted up for a bridal party on their fitting dayJul 29, 2006
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