Mr.Balloonatic's Balloon Gallery

Some of my balloon sculptures to keep you amused while my site is being rebuilt

Homer307 viewsThe lazy father of the insulant yellow skinned boy
Shredder302 viewsThe arch nemesis of the teenage mutant Ninja Turtles
Kermit334 viewsA well known muppet character both from the muppets, their movies and sesame street
Lumiere315 viewsThe famouse talking, singing, dancing candlestick from the disney production of beauty and the beast
Mario in Store.JPG
Super Mario1355 viewsThis Super Mario balloon was created for my local video game shop to coincide with the launch of the new Super Mario game for the Nintendo Gameboy Ds
Marvin -Front.JPG
Marvin the Martian327 viewsThis little balloon guy is right out of this world ;)
Mickey Mouse.JPG
Mickey Mouse1357 viewsA parody of one of my favourite Disney cartoon characters
Micky Mouse.JPG
Mickey and Minnie Mouse328 viewsThis little Mickey Mouse was created for a Minnie Mouse at a Trinity Zoological Society fancy dress ball
Nemo (2).JPG
Nemo365 viewsI found this little guy in with all my balloons ... this little fish is incredibly popular at all events
Odie323 viewsThis is John Arbuckle's pet dog ... for some reason Garfield can't get enough of mistreating this poor animal
Snow White.JPG
Snow White386 viewsOne of the most famous and well known of the Disney princesses
Splinter376 viewsHe is the sensei of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
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